ESET Security Review

ESET offers a range of plans for Windows, macOS and Android. The plans include a no-cost one that’s ideal for basic security, whereas the more expensive options come with features like password management and parental controls and encryption of data. The most expensive package also comes with a gaming mode that can block unauthorized access to your computer’s hardware when you play.

Installation is simple and fast. It won’t overload your computer with bloatware. There are a few additional settings to fiddle with however the majority of features and tools are clearly listed on the left sidebar.

Connected Home monitor is a brand new feature that offers a visual representation of all devices connected to your network. It can also be used to check for vulnerabilities such as open ports and weak passwords for routers.

Another notable feature is a pop-up window that appears every time you insert a USB storage device. You can choose to scan the drive instantly or have the program do it automatically, and should you choose not to conduct a full-scale scan you can still start an on-demand scan.

Advanced users will appreciate the ability to choose how much of the suite is checked. You can set the number of folders and files that the program will scan and also specific items like networks and boot sectors. You can also specify how deep the program will scan archives, in case you wish to exclude certain kinds of files from the initial scan.